Wi-Fi Smart Thermostat

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  • Wi-Fi Smart Thermostat
  • Wi-Fi Smart Thermostat
  • Wi-Fi Smart Thermostat
  • Wi-Fi Smart Thermostat
  • Wi-Fi Smart Thermostat


The Honeywell Wi-Fi Smart Thermostat is a sleek and modern-looking device that will fit any home. With this device, you can turn your home into the calming haven that it should be.

This is home technology in a nutshell. You never have to manually adjust temperatures yourself. That means no more getting up in the middle of the night and no more ridiculous electric bills because of unattended heating or cooling.

This device is loaded with useful features such as:

Fully Wi-Fi enabled

Get maximum connectivity with full Wi-Fi capability. You can control your thermostat anytime, anywhere.

Bright, colored screen

The screen is bright and is very easy to read. It also comes in full color.

Smart response technology

The thermostat automatically adjusts temperatures to what you’ve set it as. It’s natural that some parts of the house are either warmer or cooler than others.

The device’s smart response technology will do the regulating for you.

Cost effective power

The device also has energy-saving settings to cut down on your power consumption. You can set it so that it will know when people are out of the house.

You can go as specific as you want, by the second.

Color settings

The colors on the screen are fully customizable to match your house’s décor.

Auto alerts

The device will automatically tell you if your filter needs changing and will alert you about extreme temperatures.

Weather checker

If you set your home screen this way, the device will display local weather conditions that are going on outside. This includes temperature, as well as humidity.

Easy installation

Comes with an app

Honeywell’s reliable app is very intuitive and was perfectly designed for easy control. You can change the settings of our thermostat using your mobile devices like tablets and smartphones.

Auto updates

The device will automatically update itself if there are any software upgrades and daylight savings time changes. You can also set the device to whatever language you want. It’s not limited to English.

Spontaneous schedule changes

This device can easily accommodate sudden changes in your schedule like if your family is going to be out of town. Once you get home, you can restore your usual settings just as easily.

Offers customer support

The screen has a on screen help button for help on demand. It answers any questions you might have about the device.

Compatible with other devices

You can use The Honeywell Wi-Fi Smart Thermostat with Samsung SmartThings, IFTTT, Google Assistant, Stringify, Yonomi, Cortana, Wink and Amazon Alexa.

Just simply hook it up with another device to access it. By doing so, you’ll get voice control and even easier access.

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