Wi-Fi 7 - Day Programmable Thermostat + Free App

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  • Wi-Fi 7 - Day Programmable Thermostat + Free App
  • Wi-Fi 7 - Day Programmable Thermostat + Free App
  • Wi-Fi 7 - Day Programmable Thermostat + Free App
  • Wi-Fi 7 - Day Programmable Thermostat + Free App


With the Honeywell Wi-Fi 7-Day Programmable Thermostat, you’ll be able to have the convenience of setting your home’s temperature with your mobile devices.

By hooking this up to your device, you’ll also be able to keep track of temperature swings in specific areas of the house and adjust them accordingly.

The app is your virtual access to your thermostat, which means you can adjust it remotely. Say you’re driving home and you’ll get there in 30 minutes. You can cool down or heat up your house before you even get there.

The coolest feature about this programmable thermostat is that it allows for a week’s worth of settings.

You’ll be able to set your temperatures for every day of the week - meaning, you can cut down on costs by turning everything down when everybody is most likely going to be out of the house.

Honeywell’s RTH6580WF is definitely a great addition to any home.

The other features of this device include:

  • A large and very readable display

Never have to squint when reading your thermostat again. The temperature is very easy to read.

  • Has Connect Comfort for voice command

You don’t even have to adjust the temperature manually. The app comes with Connect Comfort, which lets you set the device with just your voice.        

  • Able up to four programs for every day of the week

Time your thermostat based on everyone’s schedules. Only allow power when it’s actually being used.

  • Has energy saving mode to cut down on electricity costs
  • Has the option to display real-time clock
  • Device’s software is automatically updated

You’ll never have to download anything on your app. The device updates itself.

  • Has its own private network

You’ll also never have to worry about anyone outside of your household tampering with your thermostat. The network is very secure and only your family will have access to it.

  • Has very accurate temperature setting and reading

The trouble with most other thermostats is that they’re not very accurate. With Honeywell’s RTH6580WF, you can rest assured that you’ve getting an accurate reading and the room temperature is precisely what you’ve set it as.

  • Automatically changes from heating to cooling and vice versa so you won’t have to regulate temperature manually

Not all rooms of your home have the same temperature. For example, some rooms might get a little more sun like the basement. RTH6580WF will be able to adjust the temperature for each specific room of your house.

  • 1-year limited warranty
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